Medicare Advantage Plan and 65 years, what is the importance?

There is a time period that a company may sell Medicare Advantage plans to you. This is a period for six-month referred to as ‘Open Enrollment’. This initiates right from the day you are 65 or even older and can enroll in Part B Medicare.


The best part during the open Enrollment is that:

  • An insurance company cannot deny selling you a Medicare advantage policy, despite the status of your health.
  • Cannot ask in the application any health related questions.
  • Cannot charge a higher premium even if your health history is bad.


In case you are older than 65 years or just 65 years:

  • As you turn 65 years, and enroll in Part B Medicare, your open enrolment Medigap starts from the day the Part B Medicare becomes effective.
  • In case you are working after the age of 65 and for some unknown reason get delaying in Medicare Part B enrolling, you may trigger open-enrolment period by enrolling in Part B Medicare. This starts from the day you start Part B Medicare and is considered effective.
  • In case you are below 65 years and due to disability acquire Medicare, there is no period until they attain 65 years as Open Enrolment for disabled Medicare beneficiaries. fortunately, there are laws proposed to provide disabled beneficiaries of Medicare during the open enrolment period


There are other options for under 65 people and for disabled:

  • Enrolling in a AARP Medicare Advantage Plan for 2019 is an option.
  • Some companies agree to the applications seeking Medicare Advantage policy from people under 65 and disabled. Yet, there is no assurance that they will surely sell a policy.
  • If you are within 65 years and receive Medicare owing to a disability, you may trigger an Open Enrollment period on turning 65. As you attain the age 65, your Medicare becomes due and is no more due to disability. A company is expected to sell you plan than it offers.


 Under 65 and disabled

As such there is no Medicare advantage plan to sell for less than 65 years people and there exists no ‘Open enrollment’ period. However, new laws are proposed to give Medicare beneficiaries an open enrolment period only for the disabled.


Thus, there is a need to take the Open Enrollment period seriously as you are attaining your 65 years.